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About is a project of The Pages Media, a couple of freelancers who work on Shopify projects to customize Shopify themes.

What Shopify theme are they using?

This is a question we get often. People want to know what theme a brand is using because they hope to achieve a specific look, want some given functionality, or just really love the brand. The problem is, many people don't understand that many of these themes are often built on top of an existing theme!

While many believe you need a completely custom Shopify theme to achieve your brand's look and feel, many themes are built on top of premium or even free themes from the Shopify theme store.

Aren't there other places I can buy a theme for cheaper?

There are several places you can purchase a theme for very cheap. In some instancs, these are pirated themes but in many cases they are themes created by developers in order to gain entry to the world of Shopify without going through the rigorous quality assurance processes in place to get listed in the Shopify theme store.

Theme support and updates for life

Many do not realize that in order to be on the Shopify theme store, a developer shop must agree to Shopify's terms of service. This includes providing free updates and support (NOT customizations) for life. That means as long as they're selling that theme on the theme store, they have to support that theme.

Free supports and updates means that theme you bought before the big online store 2.0 update that was only $180 and is now over $350 is free to you. Just log in to your shop and download the latest version with no additional charges.

Speed and accessibility requirements

Shopify themes, in addition to all the various Q&A standards they already have to meet, must meet minimum speed and accessiblity requirements. This is increasingly important to provide a fast and accessible experience for your customers.

Why do you have more themes than what is in the theme store?

With a keen eye, you'll notice our database references more themes than what is currently available in the Shopify theme store. That's because some themes are no longer supported after the Online Store 2.0 update and are considered vintage themes. These themes are no longer available for purchase on the Shopify Theme Store but were created by Shopify.

There are also some themes that have since been retired by a theme provider. This means the theme will no longer receive additional updates, nor can it be purchased from the theme store any longer.

Why even include vintage or retired themes?

Although these themes are no longer available, it's very possible to still see them "out in the wild" while brands are migrating to more current themes. We include these for reference only since they were once available on the Shopify theme store.

We believe the Shopify theme store is the best place to get Shopify themes still. So it's important to show instances where these themes have been deprecated in favor of new technology.

Bear in mind, themes supported by theme providers on the theme store had to update their vintage themes to make them 2.0-compatible. Because of the free updates terms, merchants who had a vintage premium theme were able to upgrade for free.

A work in progress

This post and website are a bit of a work in progress! There are loads of additional reasons why we recommend Shopify themes from the Shopify theme store and will continue to update as we go. But these reasons are why we focus on finding information about themes that are on the theme store rather than other marketplaces online. They are tried and tested with great standards.

Themes elsewhere may prove to be great, but in our experience it makes the most sense to focus on where we know the quality is high. Keeping high standards for the merchants we work with ensures their customers have a good experience as well.