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The Pages Media

The Pages Media is a company co-founded by Taylor and Kendra Page. We are a couple of freelancers dedicated to empowering Shopify merchants with bespoke web and user experience solutions. At the heart of our services is a solid understanding of Shopify's capabilities, harnessed to enhance the functionality and user experience of online stores - both for customers and shop owners.

We combine our expertise in web development and UX design to provide a comprehensive suite of Shopify services. Taylor's focus on customizing Shopify themes through advanced code modifications aligns with the unique goals of each merchant. Kendra enhances this with her skill in UX auditing and architecture, ensuring a seamless and engaging customer journey.

Our services include theme modifications, technical SEO, migrations, store setup and troubleshooting, custom Shopify solutions, as well as UX audits and remediation, and checkout extensibility. Each service is crafted to elevate a merchant's brand and optimize store performance, offering a personalized approach to each Shopify challenge.

As a trusted partner for Shopify merchants, with an active Shopify Experts listing, The Pages Media is dedicated to transforming your online store into a thriving e-commerce platform.

You can learn more by visiting our website at